“Mahendra Foundation Trust” has conducted “Kreedam”, the Toys Distribution Programme to help the needy children.

Team MFT has been collected 1500+ Toys which we have distributed among 200+ needy children.

We would like to share our sincere thanks to all the supporters for their toys donation who contributed in this initiative and helped us to collect such huge number and supported us to create a smile on the face of children.


1 Mr.Naveen Kumar Jain Sir Lucknow
2 Mr.Dhirendra Tiwari Lucknow
3 Mr.Raghvendra Tripathi Lucknow
4 Mr.Anuj Singh Sengar Lucknow
5 Mr.R.P. Singh Lucknow
6 Mr.Sanjeev Dixit Lucknow
7 Mr.Ashish Srivastava Lucknow
8 Mr.Praveen Kumar Jain Lucknow
9 Mr.Shashank Vikram Singh Lucknow
10 Mr.Tarun Kumar Lucknow
11 Mr.Atul Kumar Sharma Lucknow
12 Ms.Yashi Lucknow
13 Ms.Nirja Lucknow
14 Ms.Pallavi Lucknow
15 Ms.Aisha Rasheed Lucknow
16 Ms.Shubhangni Lucknow
17 Ms.Ayushi Dwivedi Lucknow
18 Ms.Srishti Lucknow
19 Ms.Deeksha Lucknow
20 Mrs.Neha Khanna Lucknow
21 Mrs.Anubhuti Awasthi Lucknow
22 Mr.Dinesh Goplani Lucknow
23 Mr.Adesh Srivastava Lucknow
24 Krati Singh Lucknow
25 Swinka Malhotra Lucknow
26 Mr.Jayant Srivastava Lucknow
27 S.S.Narayan Lucknow
28 Dr.Manjusha Sinha Lucknow
29 Mr.AshokKumar Sinha Lucknow
30 Miss.Siddhima Narayan Lucknow
31 Miss.Sumiddha Narayan Lucknow
32 Mrs.Muskan Sinha Lucknow
33 Mr.ASHISH JAIN Lucknow
34 MANISH JAIN Lucknow
35 RAJNEESH Lucknow
36 ASHIT NIGAM Lucknow
37 VIJAY OJHA Lucknow
40 Ashish Jain Lucknow
41 Shalini Singh Lucknow
42 Mr.Vijay Lucknow
43 Sarvesh Shukla Lucknow
44 Mrs.Sunita Lucknow
45 Akhilesh Pandey Lucknow
46 Amit Dixit Lucknow
47 Ayush Srivastava Lucknow
48 Vikas Verma Lucknow
49 Ajit Singh Lucknow
50 Yogendra Singh Lucknow
51 Kasif Khan Lucknow
52 Yasin Lucknow
53 Utkarsh Shukla Lucknow
54 Amit Bhatt Lucknow
55 AmitSingh Lucknow
56 Prashant Lucknow
57 Amit Balmiki Lucknow