Whether it is small non-profit or a worldwide organization, charities are an integral part of every community. Charities change the lives of people in need every day with even the smallest of donations making a large impact in a community. However, a charity relies on your support to continue their work in the community.

Charity is to give to others that which belongs to you. When you give to charity, you experience happiness. Do you know why? Because when you let go of something that you love, you give happiness to others. For most people that one thing is money. Even if you have the slightest thought of taking away something from others, you yourself create various obstructions and difficulties in your life.

Spiritual Science places more importance on the inner intent (cause) than on the action (effect) of giving to charity. The charity has done with the unity of the mind, speech and conduct receive tremendous benefits.

The one who donates willingly and happily reaps more benefits than the one who donates under pressure or with the expectation of return. Your intention should be to lessen the other person’s misery, not to gain fame or fortune.

Mahendra Foundation Trust will donate money for the NGO’s, Temple.