MAHENDRA FOUNDATION TRUST is a non -profit organization. It was established on 7th  of February, 2012. The aim of the MAHENDRA FOUNDATION TRUST is converting dreams into reality by uplifting the weaker section of the society. MAHENDRA FOUNDATION is covering the following sectors at present namely HEALTH, SOCIAL WELFARE, & EDUCATION. MD OF MAHENDRAS GROUP ‘MR. NAVEEN KUMAR JAIN’ & SHIKHA JAIN believe that whatever we have taken from the society we should return it back to the society. So the aim of MAHENDRA FOUNDATION TRUST is to provide basic amenities to the weaker section of the society. MAHENDRA FOUNDATION TRUST also focuses on improving the essential amenities of the society such as drinking water, health & sanitation as well as MAHENDRA FOUNDATION TRUST organized programme’s like SILAI MACHINE DISTRIBUTION, BADAMANGAL, BLOOD DONATION CAMP, BLANKET DISTRIBUTION, VALENTINES WITH CHILDREN’S, VASTRAM CLOTH DISTRIBUTION CAMPAIGN AND MANY MORE.

MAHENDRA FOUNDATION TRUST carried out its hunt for searching the right place and right people to put forward its helping hand. After a thorough hunt, MAHENDRA FOUNDATION TRUST was able to identify one such institution which carried on with its relentless service of service the destitute girls for more than 25 years.

The one and only one “MANISHA MANDIR”, who is the founder and president of MAA SAROJINI (popularly known name, she is called by), bagged mother India award in the year 2006. As the very objective of MAHENDRA FOUNDATION TRUST is to put forward it’s helping hands to such institution which are working endlessly on sectors related to health, education, environmental purification etc. We selected MANISHAMANDIR for helping out destitute girls in providing job oriented education through is the philanthropic partner, MAHENDRA FOUNDATION TRUST. 

As well as MAHENDRA FOUNDATION TRUST is also associated with campaigns like “BETI BACHAO, BETI PADHAO”, “SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN”. And in coming years MAHENDRA FOUNDATION TRUST plan is to collaborate with NGO is like VATSALYA, ASTHA, SAMARPANOLDAGE HOME and much more for carrying out its future plans.

We believe that most common services should be free, but to boost our effort we are always looking for the philanthropist to make a larger impact together.


Our Mission

To be the most effective, approachable and sustainable trust that we can be, committed to supporting the needy through the improvement of the care given to them and the quality of their lives in general.

Our Vision

We expanded the ideas and focused energy on helping the needy. With assistance from volunteers, and with the support of our team, we were able to make a better use of our resources.


Real and long-lasting change can only be ushered in when all of us come together to make it possible. The wide range of qualified, experienced and dedicated persons from almost all sectors is available with Mahendra Foundation Trust. They are eager to offer their services/expertise free of cost to needy.